To the unsung heroes who fight every day to champion the well-being of all.  We know you’re out there, and we need you… now more than ever.  


FALL '19



A Mental Health Marvel is an unsung hero with lived experience who fights tirelessly to champion the well-being and betterment of others.

We can all be #MentalHealthMarvels.

17th & Montgomery productions alongside the Kevin & Margaret Hines foundation, and Hines companies, are the curators of the forthcoming mental health marvels summits.

Summits will begin in Los Angeles California, Fall ‘19 and spread right across the country, and eventually around the globe.

At MHM Summits we will exclusively invite members of the media, filmmakers, social media influencers, television & online video content producers and other creatives to meet with local mental health workers, clinicians, doctors, foundations, organizations dedicated to teaching mental well-being, educating, and nurture the forward movement of positive mental health messaging in America and the world at large.


Mental Health Marvel Summits 

In the Fall of 2019 we are launching a break through new summit called “Mental Health Marvels”. Here we are bringing together multi-media content makers, filmmakers, and representatives from all major content creation studios to conference, strategize, and discuss positive mental health messaging and media content creation. This is the penultimate conference for multi-media creators to network, cross-pollinate ideas, and ultimately, raise the conversation of mental health, media, and messaging for the future of storytelling and the mental wellbeing in our culture.



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